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Artistic Nails

Located conveniently in Anchorage, Alaska 99503, Artistic Nails is one of the most famous nail salons in this area for professional services.

Coming here we will make you completely rejuvenate & enjoy every moment. You can choose from a wide range of services such as Manicures, Pedicures, and Nail Enhancement with a large selection of high-quality products for valued customers to choose from. Professional and skillful technicians will serve you when you walk in the door. The comfortable atmosphere we create will make you feel better after a hard-working day.

Especially, Customers’ cleanliness and safety are the first priorities at Artistic Nails. Our implements, equipment, and electrical instruments are always thoroughly cleaned and subjected to an approved sanitizing and disinfecting process before being reused. Buffers and files are used only once, then discarded. All pedicure procedures are performed with liner protection.

Come to Artistic Nails and enjoy the relaxing experiences.